‘No’ to corporate-driven tourism construction in Komodo Nationwide Park (statement)

  • Plans to construct tourism hotels inside of Indonesia’s Komodo Nationwide Park, house to the arena’s largest lizard, have for years confronted pushback from native communities.
  • Fighters of the tasks level to the possibility of ecological and social disruptions.
  • As a substitute of tourism in keeping with company funding, the federal government must broaden a style of community-based tourism, argues Venansius Haryanto, a researcher at Sunspirit for Justice and Peace, an advocacy workforce founded in Labuan Bajo.
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In early 2022, the general public in Labuan Bajo, the gateway to Indonesia’s in style Komodo Nationwide Park, used to be each happy and disenchanted with the Indonesian Ministry of Atmosphere and Forestry’s choice to judge lets in belonging to 2 non-public firms making plans to put money into the park. The corporations, PT Sagara Komodo Lestari (SKL) and PT Komodo Flora and fauna Ecotourism (KWE), had got lets in to construct tourism trade amenities throughout the park, a novel conservation space house to the arena’s biggest lizard, the Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis). In spite of the announcement, on the other hand, there’s no ensure the federal government will in reality revoke those licenses.

Those company land concessions are a long-standing fear for the general public in Labuan Bajo and in different places. By contrast to the federal government’s declare that those methods will spice up tourism construction in and across the island of Flores, the place Labuan Bajo is situated, more than a few civil society parts have rejected plans to construct unique hotels throughout the park for worry it’s going to lead to ecological and social crises. A coalition of civil society teams even despatched a letter to UNESCO in 2020 whilst proceeding to consolidate themselves throughout the wave of public protest prior to now 3 years. Within the letter, the general public requested UNESCO, which acknowledges Komodo Nationwide Park as a International Heritage Web page, to induce the Indonesian executive to study the tourism grasp plan for the park and to revoke the firms’ concessions.

Luxurious hotels within the land of the Komodo

The corporations’ access into the nationwide park used to be preceded by way of the Indonesian executive’s issuance of a 2010 legislation that established a brand new style of personal funding via what’s referred to as a nature tourism concession allow (IPPA), which is composed of a herbal tourism amenities concession allow (IUPSWA) and a nature tourism carrier concession allow (IUPJWA).

Underneath the umbrella of this legislation, the forestry ministry in 2013 granted lets in to SKL and KWE. The previous won an IUPSWA allow overlaying 22.1 hectares (54.6 acres) within the Loh Buaya space of Rinca Island, probably the most major islands that contain the nationwide park. In the meantime, KWE won an IUPSWA to put money into two islands: 274.8 hectares (679.1 acres) on Padar Island, and 154.6 hectares (382 acres) in Loh Liang, Komodo Island.

But even so those two firms, the federal government additionally issued lets in to PT Synergindo Niagatama (SN) to put money into Tatawa Island, an islet close to Komodo Island. Between 2014 and 2020, the surroundings ministry positioned just about part of the island below the keep watch over of this corporate.

The issuance of those lets in has sparked public protest, at the grounds that they’re inconsistent with conservation rules. In August 2018, as the general public discovered about SKL’s plan to start development of its hotels on Rinca Island, more than a few civil parts in Labuan Bajo, consisting of environmental activists, native NGOs, and native tourism actors, got here in combination to protest the plan. They took to the streets at the start of the month in protest. A gaggle of other people went to Rinca Island, destroying the fence erected round SKL’s concession. In mid-August, representatives of the motion met for dialogue with surroundings ministry officers in Jakarta.

Any other massive public protest additionally happened in August 2019. It used to be initiated by way of the citizens of Komodo Island to protest the federal government’s plan to take away them from the island to designate it as an unique tourism zone. But even so rejecting the plan, the citizens additionally prompt the federal government to revoke the concessions throughout the park, specifically that of KWE on Komodo Island. As a substitute of tourism in keeping with funding, the network requested the federal government to broaden a style of community-based tourism on Komodo Island.

Moreover, what makes other people stand their floor to refuse the firms’ gigantic buildings throughout the park are study findings at the vulnerability of Komodo dragons to extinction when suffering from international warming. Analysis performed by way of a gaggle of students displays that Komodo and Rinca islands are the remaining protected havens for the species below the consequences of world warming. Henceforth, consideration must be paid to the islands of Komodo and Rinca, as the ones are essential refuges for Komodo dragon.

One after the other, in 2021, the IUCN up to date the Komodo dragon’s conservation standing from liable to the more serious class of endangered. Consistent with the IUCN, the Komodo dragon is threatened by way of the have an effect on of local weather trade, with emerging international temperatures and sea ranges set to scale back the traditional lizard’s habitat in Komodo Nationwide Park by way of greater than 30{33efa13c0f87cf344d34d513ba9e1f951dc69f99c8cfd81bd283c4da93fdf481} over the following 45 years.

A Komodo dragon on Sulphurea Hill in Komodo National Park.
A Komodo dragon on Sulphurea Hill in Komodo Nationwide Park. Consistent with the IUCN, the endangered reptile is threatened by way of the have an effect on of local weather trade, with emerging international temperatures and sea ranges set to scale back the traditional lizard’s habitat in Komodo Nationwide Park by way of greater than 30{33efa13c0f87cf344d34d513ba9e1f951dc69f99c8cfd81bd283c4da93fdf481} over the following 45 years. Symbol by way of David Stanley by way of Flickr (CC BY 2.0).

Neglecting Indigenous other people’s rights

But even so endangering the way forward for conservation within the nationwide park, this coverage additionally neglects the local people’s fight for his or her agrarian rights throughout the park.

Quickly after the designation of Komodo Nationwide Park within the early Eighties, the Ata Modo other people, an Indigenous network dwelling on Komodo Island, misplaced their agrarian rights each for agreement and livelihood land. Since then, the network has had lower than 17 hectares (42 acres) of the residential zone below the surroundings ministry’s authority. Associated with this, researchers on agrarian problems in Komodo village, Dale & Afioma (2020) coined the time period “park and parked network” to explain the lifetime of Komodo individuals who “are living in an enclave throughout the nationwide park with out a felony/agrarian rights and with restricted get right of entry to to land and marine usage zones for his or her livelihoods.”

Located as a gaggle this is very liable to being suffering from exploitative construction, the Ata Modo have struggled to protected their agrarian rights prior to now decade. First, they would like agrarian popularity over the residential space in Komodo village. The realm would come with residential lands, house yards, and the network’s farm property. Secondly, they need to take again their former commonplace lands in some portions of the island, specifically in Loh Liang. The realm is essential as a network tourism construction space.

By contrast to the network’s aspirations, as a substitute of satisfying the network’s agrarian rights, the federal government introduced KWE to Komodo Island, giving the corporate the rights to the previous commonplace lands of the Ata Modo in Loh Liang. As a part of the plan, the governor of East Nusa Tenggara province even introduced plans to transport the Ata Modo off the island in 2019.

Tourism in Komodo National Park.
Boats raise vacationers throughout the nationwide park. Symbol by way of Mantadilah by way of Pixabay.

On behalf of legislation

In regards to the firms’ concessions in Komodo Nationwide Park, the federal government argues that such trends are in step with present rules. However the truth is that this sort of procedure has been legitimized by way of generating a number of rules to pave the best way for the buyers’ trail into the park.

The zoning evaluation for Padar and Tatawa islands is a transparent instance of ways the federal government modified present rules to deal with PT Komodo Flora and fauna Ecotourism and PT Synergindo Niagatama. KWE’s concession on Padar Island used to be preceded by way of a zoning evaluation coverage, the conversion of the wasteland zone of Padar right into a usage zone. In 2012, the surroundings ministry transformed 303.9 hectares (751 acres) of land on Padar Island right into a land tourism usage zone. This usage zone then used to be divided into 275 hectares (680 acres) of industrial house and 28.9 hectares (71.4 acres) of public tourism house. In 2014, 274.13 hectares (677.39 acres) of the full 275 hectares of industrial house have been passed over to KWE.

The case on Tatawa Island is much more attention-grabbing. The federal government has two times made zoning adjustments at the island to easy out SN’s funding. In 2001, Tatawa Island used to be categorized as wooded area space. Zoning adjustments started to happen in 2012, when the forestry ministry transformed 20.94 hectares (51.75 acres) of land at the island right into a land tourism usage zone. Then, in keeping with the web site design, this usage zone used to be divided into 14.45 hectares (35.72 acres) of public house and six.49 hectares (16.04 acres) of industrial house. In 2014, SN won a concession on Tatawa Island with the suitable to construct a tourism trade on a space of ​6.49 hectares. This implies all the trade house within the usage zone in this island used to be managed by way of SN.

4 years later, in 2018, the federal government revised the web site design of the usage zone. This revision considerably diminished the general public house to just 3.45 hectares (8.52 acres) and expanded the trade house to 17.50 hectares (43.24 acres). In April 2020, the ministry reissued SN’s trade license. A complete of 15.32 hectares (37.86 acres) of the full trade house is now managed by way of PT Synergindo Niagatama.

Padar Island in Komodo.
Padar Island, Komodo. In 2012, the surroundings ministry transformed 303.9 hectares (751 acres) of land on Padar Island right into a land tourism usage zone. Symbol by way of Rizknas by way of Unsplash.

What must the federal government do?

As any individual who has engaged intensively with the problems of conservation and tourism in Komodo Nationwide Park over the last 4 years, I’ve discovered no less than 3 elementary causes at the back of the general public’s rejection to the tourism funding throughout the park.

First, as defined above, the nationwide park is house to the endangered Komodo dragon. Komodo and Rinca islands are the 2 islands with the very best populations of Komodo dragons. The second one is the dwelling house (agreement and livelihood space) of Indigenous other people inside of and across the park. 3rd, this space is an plain epicenter of Indonesian tourism. The park’s nature preservation is the important thing explanation why at the back of the fast development of tourism in East Nusa Tenggara province and Indonesia basically.

Subsequently, of their motion, the general public all the time conveys the 2 following calls for: First, the federal government must cancel the entire firms’ concessions. Any hotels must be constructed out of doors the park to stay it a protected position for the dragon and its better half species and a dwelling house for Indigenous communities.

2nd, the federal government must pay extra consideration to making improvements to coherent conservation methods for each land and sea spaces for short- and long-term sessions. This can also be performed by way of encouraging collaboration with communities inside of and across the space. You will need to to put them as energetic conservation and community-based tourism practitioners.

Banner symbol: A Komodo dragon. Symbol by way of Joshua J. Cotten by way of Unsplash.


Dale, C. J. P., & Afioma, G. (2020). Puzzling confluence of conservation and ecotourism in Komodo Nationwide Park, Indonesia. Japan-ASEAN Transdisciplinary Research Operating Paper Collection10, 1-18. doi:10.14989/TDWPS_10

Venansius Haryanto is a researcher at Sunspirit for Justice and Peace, a research-based advocacy NGO founded in Labuan Bajo, at the island of Flores.

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