queen of the ionian sea
Parga Center

Parga is one of the most mysterious and magical places in Greece. Here, according to the ancient people, was the entrance to the Hades Underworld, where the Acheron River flowed. One of the river’s sleeves – Heron goes under the ground, that was why it was thought to be the entrance to Hades kingdom, where the souls of the dead were carried on a boat through the dark waters. For the ancient Greeks, this north-west territory was the end of the world known.

parga view to the city
View from the castle into the Parga center

And for modern people, Parga is a magical place, the most magical in Epirus and one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. Every summer, thousands of tourists, attracted by natural beauties and beautiful beaches, visit it as a noble, delicate lady leaned out in the shadow of the ancient fortress, fascinating with its unforgettable beauty. The narrow cobblestone streets climb up the hill and reach the fortress, where breathtaking views of the bay and Panagia Island are revealed, the parchment of Parga, the beautiful church and a medieval fortress dating back to the 14th century.

parga krioneri beach
Krioneri Beach Parga

Parga – a paradise filled with beauty and tranquility combining in a unique way the dark green color of a lush Mediterranean vegetation with emerald blue clear and warm sea.

parga krioneri beach with flower
Krioneri Beach – view into the Panagia monastery

How to get to Parga

  • Car

Car driving from Sofia, Bulgaria to Parga is 635 km, around 7 hours one way. It’s nice to go at 2:00 am to 3:00 pm at night to avoid traffic jams and get to Parga for lunch.

  • Ferry Boat

From Italy by ferry, you will arrive at Igoumenitsa. From there to Parga it’s about 25 minutes by car, the distance is 28 km.

  • Airplane

The nearest airport to Parga is in Preveza. From there you could rent a car to get to Parga. You can reach for about an hour, and you will drive 68 km.

parga square
Parga Square

How to travel in Parga and the area around

  • Car

The infrastructure is good so you can go in any destination by car.

  • Scooter

Good option for narrow or asphalt-free roads. Flexible transport, where you can stop anywhere you want and take a pictures.

parga castle greece
Parga Castle

Where to Stay in/or around Parga

  • Amoudia

uiet village, 17 km away from Parga. There are several taverns, grocery stores and a nice beach. Hotel or apartment prices are lower than Parga.

  • Parga

Prices are higher because all tourists stay there. A town with beautiful views, cobblestone streets, many pubs and souvenir shops. Good beaches and lots of fun for kids.

  • Any other city around Parga

You can stay in the towns around Parga. One of them, which I personally like, has nice beaches. It’s called Gray. It’s about 50 minutes from Parga.

bella vraka beach greece
Bella Vraka Beach

What to See or Do in Parga

  • Kayaking or kayaking in the Acheron River

Along the riverside you can find companies that offer kayaking or canoeing. 6 euros per person.

acheron river greece
Acheron River Greece
  • A walk to the springs of the Acheron River

This is one of the things that impressed me the most. The river is uniquely clean and turquoise. Keep in mind that it’s icy cold, but I can ensure you that it’s a must to take a walk in.

  • Beach

They are so many, so I will pay special attention to them in another post.

  • Other cities

Some of them are Ammoudia, Syvota, Sarakiniko and others.

  • Boat trips to Antipaxos and Paxos Islands.
  • The castle in Parga

It has no entrance fee and it has a unique beautiful view.

  • Taxi in the water

A little bit of fun for children and adults.

  • Horse riding or ponies in the Acheron River

Single ride is about 10 euros per person.

  • You can rent a boat to go to the beach or fishing.
  • And last but not least – Grab cocktails at some cool bar in Parga at sunset.
valtos beach parga
Sunset Parga

What to eat in Parga

  • Greek Salad
  • Fresh Fish
  • Calamari or Octopus
  • Gyros
  • Corn
  • Ice Cream (Gelato)
Restaurant in Parga

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