Margherì Pizza e sfizi dal 1991 (Salerno)

Pizzeria when can you eat there or you can take away. Pizzas range is from 3 up to 8,5 euros. Keep in mind that they add a service fee of 1.5-2 euros per person.

Tandem (Naples)

Typical Italian restaurant. They make the best Ragu that I have ever tried before. You can order it in a bowl or you can take a pasta with sauce ragu.

  • Bowl Ragu – 6 euros
  • Pasta with ragu – depends on what pasta will you order but ours was 8 euros
  • Half white wine – 6 euros
  • Service fee 2 euros per person

Aumm Aumm Ristorante Pizzeria (Anacapri)

Pizzeria with an outdoor quiet garden. Salad with buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes for 16 euros and ravioli stuffed with ricotta and tomato sauce for 13 euros. Half liter white wine is 6.5 euros.

La Cantinaccia Del Popolo (Sorrento)

Little and charming Italian restaurant. I would recommend with two hands if you want to try simple but delicious pasta for 8 euros. The best pasta that I have ever tried before in Italy. You can order also good lasagne for 8 euros. Half liter white wine is 6 euros.

Artis Domus Garden (Sorrento)

Restaurant with an indoor garden. There is a pig, bunnies, and peacocks in the garden. A fresh salad with pears is 11 euros, plateau mix of fish, shrimps, and squid is 18 euros and 2 glasses of wine 12 euros. Here the prices are overpriced, but it is tasty and the atmosphere is pleasant.

Signora Pummarulè (Salerno)

Local pizzeria with good prices for pizzas. Their range is from 3 to 6 euros.

Salumeria Del Corso (Salerno)

Hotel Villa Amore (Ravello)

The restaurant belongs to the hotel. The view from the restaurant is to the sea. They offer a sandwiches, which are delicious and warm at a price of 8 euros, also the coffee is 2 euros and glass of wine is 6 euros. Service fee is 2 euros per person.

Capri Pasta (Capri)

A store that offers food for home. Artichokes and dried tomatoes, potato croquettes with cheese and sausage, cheese roll and sausage, soft cheese, a bread for 17 euros.

Mazz Bar (Naples)

Pizzeria, on one of the main streets of Naples. Here the prices are very good. Pizza Margarita for 4 euros, Quatro Stagioni for 6.5, a glass of wine 5 euros, a small Heineken for 2.5 euros. They add 1.5 euros per person for service.

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