Stockholm is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. The old part of the city is especially picturesque and walking through the city’s waterways and parks is really a great way to spend a week-long break.

stockholm city
Stockholm from above

The city is built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges. The buildings, the modern design, the chic style, the greenery, the fresh air and the proximity of the water are the hallmarks of this city. Eco Park, the first National City Park in the world, is a green area that is like the city’s lung and is a constant part of its charm. With its 750-year history and rich cultural life, Stockholm offers a wide choice of world-class museums and many attractions. Most of the city’s sights can be reached on foot, and you can explore many things for a short walk. You can see only one day of active urban life, the history of civilization, and the natural environment of people.

My Favorites are:

1. Skansen Open Air Museum

Here you can walk all day. You can buy homemade cakes or donuts, drinks a coffee in nature. There are many benches and tables everywhere. It is very pleasant around the lake in the middle of the museum.

  • Map of Museum – you can check HERE.
  • Entrance Fee: It depends on how many days you want to be there, how old are you and when will you go. The price range is between 125-195 krona.
  • Visiting Hours: from 10:00 am and it depends on what time of year you are there end time is different. You can check the time HERE.

2. Grona Lund

Amusement park with all kind of attractions for young and adults. You can find additional info HERE.

  • Entrance Fee: he has a fee for park and fee for every single attraction. They have coupons and when you want to ride some attraction you should pay with these coupons.

3. Parks Djurgården, Kungsträdgården and Humlegården

Stroll and enjoy nature, peace and tranquillity in one of the amazing parks.

4. Gamla Stan

Explore the little streets and eat pancake or ice cream.

5. Metro stations

Take the metro in Stockholm and see some of the coolest stations like Stadion, Solna strand, Rådhuset T-Bana, T-Centralen, Tekniska Högskolan.


You can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets from this fabulous place. There are benches and tables and you can take a bottle of wine and admire the view of the city.

7. Stockholm City Hall

A tower where you can climb and see the city from above. There is a beautiful panoramic view.

  • Entrance Fee: 60 krona
  • Visiting Hours: you can check the opening times HERE. There is a limit of up to 30 people to enter at a specific time.

8. Vasa Museum

The museum is exposed almost completely preserved Vasa military ship of the 17th century, with 64 cannons. The ship was sunk on 10 August 1628 between 16 and 17 hours on the first day of the sea. It was removed from the Baltic Sea in 1961 and was placed in the future museum in 1988.

Downstairs there is a café and has an outdoor garden area. You can drink cappuccino and eat a typical Swedish dessert (Fika time).

9. Ice Bar

An incredible adventure on -7 degrees Celsius. Drink a few shots inside and take a thousand cool pictures.

  • Entrance Fee: Adult – 199 krona + refuel shot 99 krona
  • Visiting Hours: from Sunday to Thursday: from 15:00 pm to midnight
  • Friday and Saturday: from 15:00 pm to 1:00 after midnight

10. Stortorget

A beautiful square with emblematic houses.

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