Rome is one of the cribs of European culture, a city where you can see different layers of history and art. To complete this experience you must taste the local food, one of the most pleasant parts of the cultural heritage. Here are some typical dishes and the best places to taste them.

La Prosciutteria Navona (Prosciutteria Cantina Dei Papi – Navona)

You can sit here with a glass of wine in hand while triing a delicious set with local meats and cheeses. They have 4 restaurants and you can check them on their website.

L’Uliveto Shop

A restaurant which offers good panini sandwiches at a reasonable price (from 4 to 6.5 euros per sandwich).

Pinsere Roma

Here you can eat the best pizza. Choose between several options, all of them are delicious. You must try it and for sure you will not regret it.

Lo Zozzone

This is a small pizzeria in Trastevere. I recommend you to have a walk into the streets and stop at this little restaurant for good pizza and wine. Pizza is around 8-10 euros.


Good panini sandwich at very nice prices, around 5 euros per panini.

Casetta di Trastevere

Interesting pizzeria. Clothes are hanging on the ceiling. Hams with prosciutto, onion and many other interesting things are all over the walls. A little bottle of wine is 6 euros, pizza prices are good and they are delicious.

Pane e Salame

Enjoy eating a good panini sandwich. They offer to sit inside or you can get to go.


  1. 03/12/2018 / 11:38 PM

    OMG just seeing your pictures and I got hungry! Italian food is seriously the best I have ever tasted. Thank God I’m visiting Rome in 2 months.

    • Gabriela Manova
      04/12/2018 / 10:28 PM

      I really love your comment. If you want some tips please tell me, I would love to tell you. I love Rome.

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